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Zeos Database Components

The ZEOS database components encapsulate access to multiple databases for software development systems. They are freely available (please note the license conditions) and the source code is included.

In version 7.2.4 stable, these databases are integrated:

Meanwhile, there is also the test version 7.3.0. This worked perfectly with the development of my little tutorial and the release 1 beta of Firebird 4.0.

If you want to use the ZEOS database components with Firebird, you should download the stable version 7.2.4 here. According to the developer UTF-8 is fully integrated in this version.

Snapshots for Zeos are here: Snapshots for Zeos.

If you want to download the very latest version of ZEOS, please follow the text on this SourceForge page. Here you can always download different current versions of ZEOS using TortoiseSVN.

Version 7.2.4 is the last stable version (15.05.2019) and can be found on the following thread and most conveniently downloaded with TortioseSVN:

This version includes an interface to Firebird 3.0!

Instructions for downloading with TortioseSVN:

  • Download TortoiseSVN here: http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org
  • Install TortioseSVN
  • Maybe a Windows restart
  • Open the Windows Explorer
  • Create a folder to contain the Zeos database components.
  • Click with the right mouse button on the folder and 'SVN check out ...'
  • In the checkout window is a line of text called 'URL of the repository', click on it and enter, for example, 'svn: //svn.code.sf.net/p/zeoslib/code-0/branches/7.0-patches' (version 7.0.3 improvements are offered here)
  • Make sure that 'HEAD Revision' is selected!
  • Press the OK button
  • TortoiseSVN now starts downloading the selected current files or components. Wait for the download to complete. This may take several minutes.

The ZEOS component is also available for other development systems, except for Lazarus.

I will limit myself mainly to the database development system Firebird and the programming environment Lazarus. Since the other databases listed above are all available via ZEOS in Lazarus, I will quote for these the most important references in my opinion under the corresponding menu items to the right.

What advantages does the Zeos really bring?

The developers are anxious to reproduce the behavior of the BDE components. The BDE is a very good interface to various databases. Anyone who has worked with this one does not need to think twice about ZEOS. Anyone who has not yet worked with the BDE still benefits from the well-conceived concept of this form of data connection.
The ZEOS components can access the most common databases, including embedded versions. This means that for smaller applications, no database server needs to be installed. It is enough to only install a few files in the application directory (only copy in).
Hardly anyone will develop it with multiple database systems. But it may also be necessary to read or even work with data from another existing database. Then it is a great advantage to be able to access this data with the same interface.
Through the availability of the source code is under circumstances thus possible using a connection to development.

If you do not want to permanently connect and disconnect TZConnect during development, you should read the article on Embedded Firebird.




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