On this page the settings required in our tutorial are made and saved once. This increases the comfort when working with the individual pages. In the penultimate line there is a button "Settings with TZConnection" which will bring up a window where you can see with the green colored settings where you would have to enter these settings if you want to do that in the ZConnection1 Click on the "Show Online Help" window for a short explanation.

The following explains what purpose these settings are for. If you want to know more, you have to follow the menu item Tutorial "Firebird, Lazarus & Zeos I". This is more about the database activities, not so much about creating a database. This page and Create Database page have been added for comfort.



Path to Fbclient -> ZConnection1>LibraryLocation
Where the database program fbclient.dll is located. In our case, this is "C: \ ZEOS_FIREBIRD_TUTOR2 \ fbemb_4_64 \ fbclient.dll". This is the path where Firebird Embedded 4 Beta1 is located.

Path to Database -> ZConnection1>Database
The location of the database ending in ".fdb". In our case the database is located in the directory "C: \ ZEOS_FIREBIRD_TUTTOR2" and is called "ADRESS1.FDB".

User -> ZConnection1>User

The user associated with the database. Standard User is in Firebird "SYSDBA".

Password -> ZConnection1>Password

The default password is "masterkey"

CharSet -> ZConnection1>ClientCodepage

In our case "UTF8" and should always be left for Lazarus, as Lazarus is now running on UTF8.

Adjust Delimiter -> ZSQLProcessor1>DelimiterType

This setting is needed for a special form of SQL command and explained in more detail in the explanation of the Create Database page.

Standard-Delimiter -> ZSQLProcessor1>Delimiter
The character used in SQL to separate individual commands. By default, it is a semicolon.

Protocol -> ZConnection1>Protocol
Which database connection is used by ZConnection. In our case "firebird".

Log Datei
If the CheckBox is set to True, a log file of the database activity is output.

Path to Turbobird
Where is Turbobird, if you want to use this tool. If you work with the embedded version, Turbobird must be in the same directory as the embedded Firebird. At the very top left is the button, with which you can call up Turbobird at any time. Double click on the red text "Download Turbobird ..." to get to the download page for Turbobird.

Below are other buttons besides "Settings with TZConnection".

Loads a RTF file with your default editor. This is stored in the directory RTF. It contains this text, which is editable. This is to serve as you experiment with the tutorial that you can take notes.

Load the website with this text. This will probably be updated from time to time, depending on the questions of the users of this tutorial. In this way, a current version of the description is always available.

Will contain this text in PDF format to have it available even when offline.

Load Logfile
Loads the log file with your default editor.

Delete Logfile
Clears the logfile.