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Reference Zeos Components

Die Page of the developers of ZEOS
The current components can be downloaded from there.

ZEOS Library - use with Delphi and Firebirdrd (german)
A very good tutorial, as far as I know, originally explained by Michael Seeger on the page of Delphi-Treff for Delphi. It is intended for the version Firebird 1.5. However, as Firebird is being developed continuously, it still has its validity! The page of Delphi-Treff is interesting for Lazarus developers as a whole.

It would have been a bit easier for me if I stumbled upon SourceForge at the beginning of these PDF documents : ZeosDocumentationCollection-2017-03-20

Download A Zeos Basics Tutorial Not Only For Firebird als PDF.

Examples for ZEOS
The examples also include the demos EasyQuery, Event, FishFact, MasterDetail, StoredProc, Transactions.

The required Firebird databases are not included. However, you can download the SQL statements to create the databases and easily create the database using a Firebird tool or management program.

A short tutorial for ZeosDBO on wiki.Freepascal.
Above all, there are some links to important information..

Here is the guide to the installation of Zeos in Lazarus.

Another note on the tutorials on here:

Tutorial 2:  https://lazarus.intern.ws/tutorial_firebird_lazarus_zeos_2.html
Download: https://lazarus.intern.ws/download_tutorials_lazarus_zeos_firebird.html



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