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Overview Zeos Components


Here is the guide to the installation of Zeos in Lazarus.

The name Zeos has no special meaning, but was taken because he liked the developers well.

The Zeos Library consists of:

We will look at the components we need for a Firebird database connection. Here are briefly listed the components with which we will not deal (now) in more detail:


TZStoredProc, TZSQLMetadata, TZIBEventAlerter re relevant to Firebird, and I've picked up these components for later..

TZSequence is used in Firebird for automatic numbering. But in my experience, this component is no longer necessary with Firebird 3 and 4.

TZPGEventAlerter s used for the Postgres database and has no meaning to us, works in a similar way to TZIBEventAlerter in Firebird.

TZReadOnlyQuery basically has the same function as TZQuery, but the supplied data can not be edited.

TZTable basically works like TZQuery with "SELECT * FROM TABLE", so it supplies the entire contents of the table, thus loading the database system considerably and should therefore only be used for very small tables.

TZReadOnlyQuery and TZTable have probably been made available for compatibility with Delphi. I will not use both components and will not mention them here.

TZConnectionGroup and TZGroupedConnection sare components needed to create multiple connections (multiple databases) to the same server without constantly filling the connection parameters.

The components TZConnection, TZQuery, TZUpdateSQL, TZSQLProcessor, TZSQLMonitor will be edited in the following menu items.


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