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A DataSource is a distributor to represent the data in visual components and also to be available as MasterSource of a table. Whereby a DataSource can be available simultaneously for many components as well as several times as MasterSource. TDatasource is not part of Zeos and there is a lot of documentation on the internet, as this component is used in connection with Zeos and connected to the database, it is listed here. If you are looking for more documentation, you can find it on the web.. freepascal

Specifies whether a data source component automatically calls the Edit method of a dataset when a data-aware control (such as DBGrid) gets focus. freepascal


Connects the data source component (such as ZQuery) to data-aware controls (such as DBGrid) or other datasets freepascal

Determines whether the data-aware controls associated with the data source component display data. If Enabled is False, the data is not displayed. Advantageous if data has to be processed in the background. freepascal

Name of the TDataSource

A Lazarus standard property for distinguishing components, etc.



OnDataChange is called when one field value changes and the application changes to another field, or when the current record in the associated dataset changes. freepascal

OnStateChange is called whenever the TDataset.State property changes and the data source is enabled. freepascal

OnUpdateData is called whenever the dataset needs the latest data from the controls: usually just before a TDataset.Post operation. freepascal



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